Best Dental Team Training Courses for Your Front Office

Free Online CE Courses to Thank Office Managers & Front Desk Staff

Dental team training courses play a large role in the success of dental practices, and of course, so does production. In fact, the industry is continuously evolving and with the right tools, your practice can meet all its goals.

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The key to being profitable, especially during tough economic times, is cultivating a high-performing team. Truth is, your front office staff is one of your most valuable assets. What they do, and don’t do, on a daily basis impacts the success of your practice. 

For instance, office managers play an integral role in facilitating the day-to-day processes within the office. In addition to that, so do all the staff members who work diligently behind the front desk to make sure the practice runs smoothly, such as your receptionist, scheduling coordinator, and financial coordinator.

Since September is Office Manager Appreciation Month, what better way to say thanks (and improve production at the same time), than to treat your office manager and front office staff to the best, free dental team training courses available in the industry?

Dental team training courses to improve production & case acceptance

Dental Office Manager CE Course

The role of dental office manager can change from day to day, and so can the demands, the expectations, as well as the schedule. Viva Learning offers a course called, Office Managers: Take Control of Your Income Potential.” 

This course helps office managers learn how to manage overhead and keep the office running efficiently with ease and confidence. After taking this continuing education course, office managers will know how to focus on profitability and run the practice seamlessly. They’ll be able to better execute their daily tasks in ways that positively impact the bottomline. 

Knowing how to work with the owner dentist, as well as direct and motivate the team to continually produce is necessary to succeeding in this role and ultimately helping the business grow.

Dental Receptionist CE Course 

Dental receptionists handle a variety of administrative duties, such as scheduling appointments, updating dental records, and filing bills. They also interact with patients and play an important role in how patients view their experience. 

Viva Learning’s course, Telephone Techniques to Awe and Inspire Your Patients,” teaches dental receptionists about effective communication, and how to get patients to schedule and actually show up for their appointments. 

Therefore, it’s imperative to offer them customer service training and patient communication techniques that will boost office production and reduce stress. A well-trained dental receptionist has the capacity to increase patient satisfaction and directly impact practice growth.

Dental Scheduling Coordinator CE Course

The team relies on a full and accurate schedule each day because the schedule dictates the entire day in the dental office. Viva Learning has a course called, Today’s Scheduling Challenges.” This course addresses how successful scheduling helps the office meet its daily production goals and reach its projected growth targets. 

Scheduling coordinators are equipped with the tools to build a productive, well-run schedule and meet daily production goals while managing multiple schedules with ease. They’ll learn about managing schedules effortlessly and filling in scheduling gaps to benefit the bottomline. 

By the end of the course, the scheduling coordinator will gain an understanding of all facets that go into building a productive, well-run schedule. 

Dental Financial Coordinator CE Course

The dental financial coordinator serves a vital role in the front office team because this position ensures the office gets paid. CDE World offers a helpful course called, The Five CDT Codes You’re Not Using,” which can aid the claims process.

Financial coordinators learn how to utilize five undervalued codes and properly use them to maximize their patient’s insurance. These codes are meant to jumpstart same-day dentistry in your practice.

For example, they’ll gauge how to determine applying these codes to challenging patient cases, and how each code can increase future case acceptance.

The ROA for providing continuing education courses

At the end of the day, it’s important to find and learn proven ways to improve production at your dental office. What better way to do that and show thanks to your team, than helping valued employees earn the continuing education credits that are required to maintain accreditation!

Best of all, the return on investment for providing dental CE courses to your team is being able to capture lost revenue, improve performance, maximize production, and mitigate unforeseen challenges. 

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