Dental Equipment Repair On Site and Its Benefits

Credible dental equipment repair companies that come to your dental practice are not that easy to come by. In fact, it’s imperative to your business that you have the names of on-site dental equipment repair companies on hand.

dental equipment repair

Truth is, there are so many important decisions involved when it comes to managing and maintaining your dental practice. 

In addition to having the latest dental equipment for all of your patients’ needs, you should also contract the best equipment repair companies.

The reality of the matter is, when your dental equipment breaks down, it impedes on your ability to see patients. This can equate to a significant loss in revenue. 

To that point, below are three main reasons to consider using on-site repair companies if your equipment unexpectedly breaks down.

Top 3 Reasons to Consider On-Site Dental Equipment Repair Companies

Increase Productivity 

Your dental office should be focused on making sure that patients are cared for, but how is this possible if you have equipment that is broken or malfunctioning? 

If you don’t figure out a way to repair your faulty dental equipment, then there’s a chance you might lose patients to a competing practice.

On-site dental equipment repair can help ensure that your productivity remains high, and it’s also great news for your overall reputation and credibility. 

After all, equipment downtime leads to revenue loss. This also means that your dental practice staff can focus on other their jobs rather than troubleshooting broken dental equipment.

Save Money

Let’s say that one of your dental chairs stops working. You might be thinking about how much it costs to replace the dental chair, and it might be a significant amount. 

To that point, the average dental chair costs over $3000. With on-site dental equipment repair, you’ll probably be paying a lot less than that. 

Ideally, as the owner of a dental practice, you should be setting aside at least 2 to 3% of your annual turnover for dental repair costs. 

Most importantly, both practice owners and dental repair experts should closely assess whether the equipment should be replaced or repaired. And, a reputable repair company will do just that.

Peace of Mind 

Of course, there’s another added benefit equally as important as the previous two: peace of mind. 

If you have access to on-site equipment repair, especially from a company you trust, you’ll at least find relief knowing your problem will be resolved immediately. 

As the owner of a dental practice, you obviously want to make sure that all of your dental equipment is working and up to par.

However, reputable equipment repair companies have specialists who are skilled in fixing dental equipment. Best of all, if they can’t fix it, they’ll provide you with solutions that won’t inhibit the way you run your business.  

Partnering with Reputable Repair Companies

The best way to partner with a reputable dental equipment repair company is to research online. Companies that are worth your while have certain traits in common.

First, they guarantee their work. Second, they usually offer their services nationwide. The only exception is, if they provide repairs across a state. Meaning they have more than one location in one state.

Third, there are some equipment repair companies that are vague with pricing. In reality, it’s difficult to quote a price without knowing what the problem is.

Therefore, reputable companies will provide on-site assessments and also offer payment plans. Additionally, many will assign a specific specialist to oversee your account. 

One of the primary goals of every dental practice is providing exemplary care to patients. Having functional dental equipment factors into offering a more comfortable patient experience. 

In turn, leading to higher patient satisfaction, stability in production rates, and more time tending to patient needs.

While partnering with a dental equipment repair company to fix issues on site is ideal, not all practices will do this.

For instances like this, it’s essential to consider alternative options such as companies like Quickturn Handpiece Repair that specialize in mail-in equipment repair with quick turnaround times.   

The hundreds of private dentists that are a part of Dental Whale’s network either partner with on-site or mail-in repair companies, and sometimes both. 

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